Welcome to High Desert Turf

Leading producer of water efficient turf grass sod!

High Desert Turf is the premier provider of turf grass sod for the Reno/Tahoe and Northern Nevada regions. The company only focuses on the highest quality of turf grasses through its proprietary blends. Its focus is on the grass types best suited for the unique weather and soil conditions of Northern Nevada. Through the company’s focus on low water usage, insect and disease resistance we can reduce your water bill and provide a lawn that stays green and beautiful through all the environmental stress the region experiences.

Welcome to High Desert Turf

It is our sincere hope that you find this site both informative and helpful. Please feel free to refer your friends and family to this site for turf care information. Regardless of where your new lawn was purchased, we wish to share our passion for an ever greener world with everyone.

Darwin McKay – President